"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do." — Bruce Lee

Welcome to Elite Martial Arts and Extreme Fitness

Research has proven that Martial Arts training is one of the most effective and rewarding fitness programs available. Martial Arts training builds strong bodies and develops mental discipline by using combinations of controlled movements to improve your overall fitness level and focus your mind to achieve your goals. At Elite Martial Arts and Extreme Fitness, you'll work your entire body, building strength, power, and flexibility. You'll feel healthier, more confident, and in control. You'll learn valuable self-defense skills you can use today.

Elite Martial Arts and Extreme Fitness was founded in Norwalk, CT in 1995 to bring the "best of the best" in elite martial arts training to the Fairfield County, CT area. Our Instructors are all experts in their disciplines and experienced in teaching and training at all levels.

We offer a unique, one-stop variety of programs designed to meet the needs of children and adults, from beginners to advanced levels. Our children's classes focus on developing self-confidence and fitness while teaching the respect and self-discipline necessary to succeed in life and school. Elite Martial Arts' adult programs range from personal self-defense, including Jiu Jitsu and weapons training, Tai Chi for health and wellness and Mixed Martial Arts and cardio kickboxing to get you in shape. We offer personal training and group classes and can develop an exclusive fitness program designed specifically to meet your personal goals.

Come join us for a class or personal training at Connecticut’s premier health and self-defense studio.