"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do." — Bruce Lee

Youth Programs
Youth Programs
Youth Programs
Youth Programs

Children’s Classes

Children love martial arts classes! Beginning with their first class, they learn new skills and develop confidence. Martial Arts trains the whole body, giving children a sense of pride as they build their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. In addition, the mental focus required to learn martial arts improves children’s concentration and self-confidence to succeed in school and in their other activities. And, as the martial arts are a holistic discipline, children learn respect for themselves and others.

At Elite Martial Arts, we make sure that our classes are fun and motivating and that each child leaves the studio with a sense of accomplishment and pride. This creates excitement in their training and a positive energy that carries over into their school studies and life.

Elite Martial Arts offers fun classes for all skill levels, from beginners through advanced. Our classes are geared to the training and fitness needs of each of our children’s age groups. Our Little Ninja classes for 4-6 year-olds focus on broad motor skills development and building self-confidence and respect. Our Youth Martial Arts classes develop coordination, fitness and social skills needed in daily life. Working with our expert trainers and each other, children learn skills that will help them win in life.

Provide your children with fitness training that will last a lifetime.

Little Ninjas: Ages 4-6

These classes are specifically designed for younger children. Students will learn self-confidence, self-discipline, and the motor skills necessary to get a head start in both martial arts and life. Classes are 30 minutes long.

Youth Martial Arts: Ages 7-13

At Elite Martial Arts & Extreme Fitness, your child will learn the positive benefits of self-discipline and confidence, while developing their coordination, strength, and flexibility. Because the foundation of the martial arts is respect and focus, children develop their ability to listen, learn, and succeed in a highly regulated environment. This proves to be an excellent enforcement of study techniques for school.

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