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February 2011
Volume I, No. II

In This Issue...

  • Grand Master’s Corner
  • 15 Year Celebration!
  • Dojo Events and Announcements
  • Student of the Month
  • Promotions
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Looking for a New Challenge?
  • Did You Know?
  • Acknowledgements
  • Quote of the Month

    Dishonor is like a scar on a tree which time, instead of effacing, only helps to enlarge.

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    Grand Master's Corner

      Grand Master Nick Bajra, 8th Dan
      Grand Master Nick Bajra, 8th Dan

    Dear Friends,

    I’d like to open this month with a few words on the Martial Arts. Martial Arts has a strong root in history, combat, and fitness. There are many different styles and techniques one can learn. There are many different cultures and civilizations represented in Martial Arts. There is also great diversity around why people join Martial Arts and what they seek to gain from their training experiences.

    In our journey to be the best we can, we will be spending time exploring the various aspects of Martial Arts. In class, we’ll cover some of the fundamental aspects, such as styles, weapons, and basic techniques, as well as focus on fitness, flexibility, and lots of fun. Whereas I am a Founder of an eclectic system, comprised of many styles, I appreciate the wide diversity of styles around the world and enjoy discussing the strengths of each.

    Martial Arts is an art form and its practitioners are artists, embodying more than just punches and kicks. The study of Martial Arts is training for the "body, mind, and spirit."

    The world is an evolving place, and so has Martial Arts grown and changed over the years. Now, more than ever, our hectic lives demand that we pay attention to each aspect of our health and wellness to achieve personal balance. Come share this world and join me on the journey through Martial Arts.

    Best Regards,

    Grand Master Nick Bajra — 8th Dan, Founder

    15 Year Celebration!

    Congratulations! With your support, Elite Martial Arts is proudly celebrating 15 years of service. Plans are already underway for our 15 year celebration party. We will provide more info in the next edition of our newsletter, but make sure to also check the Events section of our cool, newly improved website, elitedojo.com, for additional updates.

    Established in 1995, our mission at Elite Martial Arts is to help our members achieve their goals. We accomplish this through our unique blend of wellness, fitness, and self-defense programs. Our programs are designed specifically to help you safely get in shape, while instilling the values, life skills, and character of a martial artist.

    At Elite Martial Arts we help our students develop a “yes, I can!” attitude to training and the mental toughness to tackle any obstacles they may face in life. We help our students achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure they are continually striving to be the best they can be. Since our system is eclectic, it is both traditional in its foundation and practical in application to today’s ever-changing world.

    These features make Elite Martial Arts an ideal training place for the entire family. Not a student yet? Do you have friends or family that could benefit from our great training programs, but aren’t sure how to get started? You don’t have to be in shape and there is no prior experience necessary. To experience the excitement and challenge of Elite Martial Arts, we invite you to come in and visit our studio and begin your FREE Trial Introductory Course today!

    Dojo Events and Announcements

    As part of our efforts to really grow the studio this year, with your support we are committed to building our presence and increasing our involvement in our local community.



    This past holiday season, through our first ever Food Drive, we were able to provide more than 100 pounds of food in support of our local Norwalk Emergency Shelter.


    Thanks to everyone for another great Holiday Party. We all had such a great time with lots of tasty dishes, fun, and music. It was like being home for the holidays—one big family.



    "Maximize your Health, Fitness, and Wellness" Series

    Please join us at our studio at 3 Brook Street in Norwalk each Thursday evening in April as we celebrate health & fitness month. Each week, we'll present a new program focused on educating and promoting the benefits of martial arts training to improving overall health and wellness.

    For more information on times, topics, and how to sign up for these exciting and informational sessions, please visit www.elitedojo.com/15.

    We are always planning and exploring new ideas and events to enhance your training experience. Please check our website periodically for upcoming events.

    Student of the Month

    In recognition of his awesome attendance record and dedication in training, please join us in congratulating Luis G., February's Student of the Month. Congratulations, Luis, and keep up the excellent work!


    Congratulations to the students listed below on their recent promotions:

    • Sempai Patrick T. -- Purple Belt, Jiu Jitsu
    • Sempai Joe D. -- Purple Belt, Jiu Jitsu
    • Spencer H. -- Blue & Black Belt, Jiu Jitsu
    • Sergio S. -- Blue Belt, Jiu Jitsu; Blue & Black Belt, Kickboxing
    • Doug E. -- Blue Belt, Jiu Jitsu; Blue Belt, Kickboxing
    • David S. -- Blue Belt, Jiu Jitsu; Blue Belt, Kickboxing
    • Joe F. -- Blue Belt, Jiu Jitsu
    • Luis G. -- Orange Belt, Jiu Jitsu
    • Alexander -- Purple & Black Belt, Kids' Jiu Jitsu
    • Zachary -- Purple & Black Belt, Kids' Jiu Jitsu
    • Oguz -- Purple & Black Belt, Kids' Jiu Jitsu
    • Aaron -- Orange Belt, Kids' Jiu Jitsu

    Birthdays and Anniversaries

    Students with birthdays in February -- make sure to wish them a happy birthday!

    • Robert H. -- February 8
    • Sensei Sean -- February 23

    Looking for a New Challenge?

    Have you committed to improving your self-defense skills through our Jiu Jitsu program? Kept your New Year resolution to get in better shape this year with Cardio Kickboxing, Zumba, or with our MMA program certified Level 2 by American Top Team, the world’s largest MMA fight team? Why not? That’s the benefit of training in our system—you can get all the tools you need to be a well-rounded martial artist under one roof. Commit to being your best today!

    Also, don’t forget to ask about our weapons curriculum, which includes fighting with short and long sticks, swords and machetes, knives, and improvised weapons like pens, car keys, or even a rolled up magazine. Hey, you never know what tool you may need for the job, but at least you’ll be prepared!

    Private lessons are another great way to develop your skills more quickly and keep up with missed classes. Lessons are offered in packages of 30 minute-1 hour sessions. Call 203.847.8800, or see Grand Master Nick or Sensei Antrone for more details.

    Students, please help spread the word through our Referral Rewards Program! Refer a new student to us, and if that student signs up for a 6 or 12-month program, you’ll earn rewards you can use toward purchases in our school store or private lessons!

    Did You Know?

    "Sensei" is a Japanese term for teacher or instructor, which also often relates to the one with the most experience. At Elite Martial Arts we use the terms "Sensei", "Sifu", and "Guro", because we teach Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino Martial Arts.

    At Elite Martial Arts, we have a Leadership team which is comprised of both adult and junior Senseis and Sempais (advanced students, or instructors-in-training) . It is a special honor to reach the level of Sensei. Grand Master Nick, our Chief Instructor, may promote students to the level of Sensei when they meet all of the the following criteria:

    • Achieve Black Belt level
    • Become fully certified instructors
    • Consistently teach beginner and advanced students
    • Represent Elite Martial Arts in a positive manner both in and outside of the school

    The following instructors are currently active Senseis at Elite Martial Arts:

    • Sensei Sean
    • Sensei Mark
    • Sensei Antrone
    • Sensei Chris
    • Sensei Joey

    Supporting our team of Senseis, the following are currently active Sempais:

    • Dr. C.B.
    • Rodd E.
    • George B.
    • Patrick T.
    • Joe D.
    • James T.
    • Cameron B.
    • Danielle S.


    I’d like to thank my wife, Besha and our two beautiful children, Julisa and Arian for their love and support.

    Thanks to Sensei Antrone for his untiring efforts in helping me make Elite Martial Arts the premier studio for everyone in Connecticut. Thanks to our Leadership team for your support on the mat and helping us continue to be the best of the best. Lastly, thanks to our awesome staff and volunteers for your continued support: Doug and Erika; Faith; Sarah M.; Micky; Luis; Stuart; and Sergio.

    In closing, I'd like to also include the following notes:

    • To maintain a professional environment and the safety of our students and guests, please follow our studio etiquette. Parents, please monitor your children who are not training while watching classes in our spectator area. Please see that noise levels are kept to a minimum so that students training can get the maximum value from class.

    • For safety and hygiene purposes, all students must have clean uniforms in good condition(eg. free of tears, etc.) Students who spar must have their own complete set of sparring gear. Please see Grand Master Nick if you need to order your own gear.

    • Please be sure to use caution and pay close attention to your surroundings, particularly during these dark days of winter, when entering and leaving the parking lot.


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